5 Major Challenges for Entrepreneurs and How B2B and E-Commerce Marketplaces can help

Trending B2B websites of 2020–2021

The undeniable use of smart phones, quick access to the internet and the trend of e-commerce startups has brought a major shift in preferences of many buyers. Since the introduction of the internet the mode of communications have been changed, exchanging of information and yet the most influenced sector is the business.

Well, considering the scenarios, it becomes quite challenging for entrepreneurs and startups to break through the opportunities. Though e-commerce stores online are offering unlimited opportunities to the entrepreneur and their startups but it depends how one is leveraging the growth of B2B websites.

As E-commerce has taken the role playing as the key channel for business, the online shopping and business are another name to avoid in person contact in current challenging situations of the pandemic.

Video chatting, movies streaming and conferencing, education has made physical distancing more tolerable. The success of video chat services are undeniable, considering the examples of Zoom the users have skyrocketed to 200 million a day just in months

For many food retail and industry online delivery has become the lifeline. Other retailers and retail buyers have embraced the online growth. The digital sales have grown by 100% in March and is quadrupled in April.

Well In unison the B2B trade websites have helped businesses grow even in the crisis so the question here is;

Will the buyers behavior, particularly, the shift from the retail sector to online marketplace remain strong even after the Pandemic?

So from the entrepreneurs predict that consumer behavior will process and grow to thrive online,

As per the studies conducted by the Forbes, the products that are related to the lower levels of Maslow Hierarchy of Needs that is health, wellness and safety have become top priorities buys a per the non- essential items such as clothing, luggage and electronic have fallen to way side. Brands that have been the giants of apparel and Electronics must alter their way of communication and look for opportunities to make the most consumer changing preferences.

The entrepreneurs in the digital world continues to think out of the box to bring our big ideas that are offering assurance and building confidence to the consumers.

Well, on the contrary by becoming an entrepreneur you have 5 major challenges but don’t get frustrated!

· Finding potential customers

· Creating a reliable supply network

· Financial issue and low budgets

· Deciding what to sell, where to sell and how to sell

· Few resources and time Management

The black swan events have led business to answer the demands of anxious, worried and quarantined consumers in creative and direct methods. So today from bulk buying to the quick online shopping, the corporations have revised their though process, to what, when and where to buy?

So here are the world’s most reliable and leading e-commerce websites for entrepreneurs and businesses to create a direct communication and influence over the targeted consumers. The platforms offers remarkable benefits for buyers as well as sellers.


The famous Chinese business venture located in China. The B2B marketplace is dedicated to leverage the market as the giant E-commerce platform that provides B2B consumer sale, retails and much more. The platform has online payment services along with a search engine. Additionally the website provides data storage and cloud servers. In 2012 the portal has earned an astonishing sales of 1.1 trillion yuan. Compared to any other competitor the platform has earned the highest sales ratio.

The company mainly operates from the heart of china and has been predicted 7 years ago to cross a value of $55 to $120 billion as a venture. Though the venture till now has earned a revenue of about $7.5 billion and more than 22000 employees.

Alibaba has been a listed company in NewYork Stock Exchange and is serving as one of the giants in the B2B platforms with having more than 35 million users from all over the globe. The company parents to 10 associated companies; the Alibaba China, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Taobao, AliExpress, China Smart Logistics, Alimama, Aliyun, and AliPay. The venture has its shares in different areas, and hence the can be accessed from three different Website Toabo, Tmall, and Alibaba.

Global Sources

Global sources is one of the leading B2B platforms that are listed on the NASDAQ as GSOL. The Global sources is well reckoned due to the reliable wholesalers from diverse industries. A huge number of Chinese buyers and sellers pay a huge fee to attain the verified membership on the global sources platform.

The platform was launched in Singapore in 2000, recently the Global Sources helps international import/ exports, giving profitable trades to the Small, Medium to the Enterprise level business all across the world.

Additionally, the Global sources continues as the directory depending on the suppliers and manufacturers all over the world. A great list of importers directory is available on Global Sources. The platform has worked with the international Trade Fair all over Hong Kong. A great amount of manufacturers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China take part in these events. As per the stats mentioned in Wikipedia 95 out of 100 retailers in the world making use of the Global sources for making ties with the manufacturers and suppliers

Businesses have a broader range of choices whether to look for supplier or manufacturers. The platform has well aligned with the Hong Kong Trade Fairs as well. A great number of members have registered companies with most of the experience in the West. It facilitates the durability, design and clientele services, accompanied with the rules for the international trade. So keeping it simple, the platform provides great opportunities for trading.


eWorldTrade, is fastest growing B2B website that has earned a well noted reputation. eWorldTrade provides a completely new approach to the sellers and the buyers for connecting with each other. The B2B platform is a subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC United states. The parent organization has a huge experience in offering the digital media and tech based services

With its headquarters located in the Dallas Texas, the leading B2B platform has an objective to connect the Chinese buyers and sellers, as well as manufacturers in the journey associated. eWorldTrade is the network with more than thousands of dealers, suppliers and vendors and manufacturers who are registering on daily basis to meet the potential clients located all over the different regions across the globe. As per the business researchers the B2B platform will soon be the giant competitor to the leading B2B network. The eWorldTrade offers businesses and entrepreneurs with unique opportunities to resell a great range of services and products. The platform has been the most rewarding from decades for many SMEs in china and all over the world providing many means to globalization


Standing as the popular B2B platform DH gate enables importers from diverse regions of the world to sell and buy Chinese commodities in small volumes and wholesale rates. At DHgate the buyers have a great variety of electronic products, decorative stuff and wholesale clothing, distribution and medical and health care items. The platform has been listed with more than thirty million products in 226 countries all over the world. The company serves more than 5 million users that listed all over the most visited website

Though DH gate was once accused as the scamming website in the past days. Afterwards the accusations were cleared by the increasing fame of the website. Just as the Amazon and eBay, the website stands as the global supplier and trade platform. Moreover, the website is taken advantage by more than million traders located in China. DHgate keeps an eye on the traders and manufacturers for any frauds and deception. Though it’s quite difficult to ensure that every seller is legal.

A great number of suppliers working with DHgate offer products that are verified with the control regulating authorities. The easiest way to identify the unreliable product is entering the product name and certificated that is standard. The point of interest that the products in the United States and European Union require the compliance certificate. As there is a colossal range of products you can purchase from DHgate, as per opinions the American and European buyers provide specific products as in electronics, toys, children products, automobiles, chemicals, and more.


The e-commerce website based in Korea is ECPlaza that is launched in more than 4 different languages, that is Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. The website is among the rapidly growing websites in south Korea. ECplaza had initiated its operations as the B2B traders two decades ago and have grown into leading trading platform. The website provides off web and on web services to more than 400000 members all over the globe. ECPlaza is not only an e-commerce website only though it also provides trade consultations, EDI services, and a lot more.

With a diverse network and wonderful brand recognition the company has widened its businesses to the global business and marketing by offering good values inclusive of the business opportunities, cost minimization and profit maximization with ease. Every single day with more than 4 million offers made on the website makes it leading B2B platform all over the world.

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