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Writing children’s books makes you dream? There are few pleasures as great as seeing a happy child’s smile after reading a great story.

However, the exercise is not as easy as it seems. Indeed, children are a demanding audience that stops on the first page if the book does not please them.

Likewise, just because you are a good author of adult books does not mean that you will be a good author of children’s books. It is an art in its own right!

In a few titles:

1 Children’s and children’s literature, a world apart

2 Which children’s book…

Where to buy green coffee beans

Seasoning green coffee beans is the raw state of the well-known coffee beans. It can be drunk as well as taken as a dietary supplement.

Green coffee — what is it?

If the coffee bean that we all know is not yet roasted, then one speaks of green coffee. The coffee beans are actually green when unroasted. Most people prefer to drink the roasted coffee. But green tea lovers also enjoy green coffee.

Coffee arabica

Arabica coffee is the most popular bean on the market. It has a slightly sweet taste. This type of coffee is the only one that is self-fertile.

Coffee Robusta

Robusta coffee beans is more of…

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If studies are to be believed, marketplaces are already a “must have” for online wholesale suppliers, and brick-and-mortar retailers’ interest in selling on online marketplaces will also increase in the future. Stationary retail in particular is faced with the great challenge of tapping into the e-commerce business as part of a multichannel strategy. The easiest way for beginners to do this is via marketplaces. It’s not that simple either. We have put together the most important tips with which one can act successfully on Ebay, Amazon and, but also on smaller marketplaces. …

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Among the most common question that is searched by the entrepreneurs over the internet is about getting involved in the exporting business in the foreign countries. Sometimes the business involved in importing and exporting often. Well; if you are also looking for how to find buyers for my exports. Though there is no definite answer to it, as it mainly depend on the type of your product which country or region is your target market.

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Mostly a person considers taking account of the difference between Diesel and Gasoline powered automobile engines while purchasing a car. That’s the point when every aspect is heavily considered. As a car purchase is a long time invest and due to its essential and regular use it indeed is a consideration to take off with great thought. To be of better assistance in this article I have gathered insights directly from diesel buyers. Since the people who use diesel-fueled vehicles can surely provide the benefits they gain from it. As there is an extensive market of diesel buyers.

A diesel…

Wikipedia logo

To make the most of Wikipedia writing services during your newly business development campaign, it is useful to take the time to understand its principle. Indeed, it is by knowing perfectly the limits of its relevance that one will be able to effectively use the famous encyclopedia. Its fundamental principle is as much its advantage as its main flaw. Let’s see all this and take advantage of a particularly effective user guide for all information seekers on the web looking for Wikipedia template for google docs.

Wikipedia, the Online Knowledge Reference

In fact, no need to introduce Wikipedia. The free encyclopedia, as it calls itself…

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The platform launched in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger has become the 13th most visited site in the world, with over ten billion monthly views and 55 million articles written by volunteers alone in 300 languages

Wikipedia logo 20 years anniversary

On January 15, 2001, an American entrepreneur and philosopher launched a “fast culture” project that revolutionized the method of sharing knowledge: Wikipedia. Twenty years later, the creation of Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger would become the 13th most visited site in the world , with over ten billion monthly views and 55 million articles written by volunteers alone in 300 languages …

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The online encyclopedia is the 6th most visited site in the world. And yet, it is only part of it. 84% of articles devoted to important personalities concern men. Initiatives are multiplying to improve the representation of women in articles.

At the end of the weekend, Wikipedia will have a few more about women, their works or their work. On Saturday September 30, the Gait Tyrique is organizing simultaneously in Paris, Bourges and Brussels, a publishing marathon, this is sometimes called an edit-a-thon.

The principle is simple: get together to learn about online encyclopedia editing techniques and create or Wikipedia…

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Why China became the Global Supplier of Cargo ships

The construction of a floating structure of Cargo Ships require approximately 18 months from the client’s initial request for the design of his project to final delivery.

The Cargo Ship manufacturing throughout the process which can be broken down into 7 stages:

1. Design

2. Industrialization study

3. Arrival of raw materials

4. Manufacture of the hull

4.1. Prefabrication of blocks or panels in the workshop

4.2. Assembly / welding on the assembly table

5. Arming and layout

6. Launching and finishing

6.1. Preparation for launching

6.2. Floating finish

7. Delivery and reception at the home port

Discover below these…

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Scientist Concern for Pharmaceutical Products and Antimicrobial Agents Suppliers.

At a time when pharmaceuticals are used more than ever, the measures taken to assess the environmental risks attributable to these products and the efforts to reduce the pollution linked to their massive use are clearly insufficient, laments the OECD in a new report published Wednesday .

This study, published in English and entitled

“ Pharmaceutical Residues in Freshwater: Hazards and Policy Responses “,

reminds us that pharmaceutical products are constantly released into the environment from the factories that manufacture them, from the people who consume them or from those who consume them. ‘depart inadequately.

“After ingesting a drug, humans…

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