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AntiMicrobial and Antibiotic Agent Manufacturers - Accountability to The Global Public Health Situation

Scientist Concern for Pharmaceutical Products and Antimicrobial Agents Suppliers.

At a time when pharmaceuticals are used more than ever, the measures taken to assess the environmental risks attributable to these products and the efforts to reduce the pollution linked to their massive use are clearly insufficient, laments the OECD in a new report published Wednesday .

Unknown risks

However, underlines the OECD, “the environmental risks associated with the great majority of some 2000 active ingredients currently used in pharmaceutical products for human or veterinary use have never been evaluated”. The organization specifies that the assessment of the “environmental toxicity” of 88% of pharmaceutical products currently in circulation suffers from shortcomings. What is more, “several dozen new active ingredients are generally approved each year”.


The organization also warns that the presence of pharmaceutical residues is likely to increase in the coming years, in particular due to the aging of the population, economic growth and changes in medical practices. Climatic upheavals may also increase demand, due to the growth of diseases linked to the effects of global warming.

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