Blue Scorpio venom buyers claim to treat in cancer: are there any initial successes?

Can animal poisons cure cancer? Patients and family members ask these questions again and again. Often people become aware of the topic through reports in the media wasp and scorpion venom as future beacons of hope for cancer patients. What is the scientific basis for this? And when can patients expect meaningful clinical results? Using the example of scorpion venom provides answers to these questions.

Scorpio venom in a nutshell: currently not used in cancer therapy

Active ingredients derived from scorpion venom have not yet been approved for the treatment of cancer..However, individual substances are currently being researched in cell cultures or in animal experiments.

Why scorpion venom are is the most expensive among the buyers?

Humans have always used substances from nature for therapeutic purposes. Animal poisons offer potential here: They contain substances that quickly and specifically influence fundamental metabolic processes. So far, however, only a few approved drugs have been based on an animal poison: Examples are the blood pressure lowering drug captopril, originally isolated from the venom of the viper, the antidiabetic or the pain reliever ziconotide from the ball snail

What do scorpion poisons contain that scorpion venom buyers are willing to pay any price?

In addition to snakes, scorpions form the most dangerous animal poisons for humans. Over a thousand species of scorpions are known worldwide. Largest scorpion family are the Buthidae, which include many poisonous species. However, only a few of these species are fatal to humans.

Like all poisonous livings, scorpion poisons also consist of a wide variety of substances. Each species of scorpion has its own mixture of poisons though the most popular among the scorpion venom importer companies are blue scorpion, black and death stalker scorpion. The poison consists mainly of many small proteins (polypeptides) that act specifically on ion channels in the cell membrane of nerve and muscle cells.

Where can I get blue scorpion venom buyers?

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Is a future cancer therapy with scorpion poison conceivable?

In the future, researchers want to take advantage of the fact that Chlorotoxin and chlorotoxin-like substances are specifically absorbed by tumor cells. They plan to use this method to target diagnostic markers such as fluorescent dyes or MRI contrast media and also active substances with tumor-toxic properties into cancer cells. Isolated clinical studies on the coupling of Chlorotoxin with Cytostatics are available.

According to the experts, other substances are conceivable as combination partners. Overall, however, there are still a lot of open questions that must first be clarified in studies. It remains to be seen whether and which substances from scorpion venom will play a role in cancer diagnosis and treatment in the future.

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