Tricks on how to enjoy garlic to the full

Even the ancient Egyptians knew that garlic helps against colds. Nowadays it has been scientifically proven: The sulfur compounds contained in the tuber have an antimicrobial effect. In addition, the plant offers you numerous other health-promoting effects…

Interesting facts about the healthy tuber

France is a wonderful country, because here an extensive garlic smell does not make you lonely. On the contrary: garlic is part of almost every meal there. The French are right. Hardly any other food has as many protective effects as the white toes. In Germany, many people shyly swallow garlic capsules so as not to bother others with the smell of garlic. So far, it has not been proven that the capsules have just as positive a health effect as the fresh tuber.

Garlic has been with people for so long that it could possibly be used as a witness in disputed questions about history. Sometimes the garlic even made history itself. Even in ancient Egypt, many workers are said to have survived the building of the pyramids only because their “clients” provided them with plenty of garlic. This is well documented in the Ebers papyrus.

The first strike in history recorded in writing was instigated by the pyramid workers in Egypt when their garlic and onion rations were cut. The tubers were priceless to them because they didn’t just eat them. They used it to treat infections, open wounds, fungal diseases and all sorts of other things, even broken bones. Garlic and onion tinctures were among the most important and effective remedies of the time. Aristotle and Pliny also knew about the beneficial effects of garlic.

The mysterious tuber

Garlic has long been considered a protection against the plague because it was believed to cleanse the world from evil. Probably because if cut open it will fog up and turn black if exposed to the oxygen in the air for a long period of time. Seafarers and garlic powder buyers in USA swore by garlic because it ingested bacteria from long voyages in putrid water. In spring around this time, a veritable garlic flag hung over the Paris of the 16th century. It was then that farmers brought the first fresh garlic and fresh butter to the city. The result was the delicious French garlic butter that is now known all over the world.

Garlic and Onions powder buyers looking for Healthy Living

Onions, which were already used in seafaring, are just as healthy as garlic. They saved the lives of thousands of seafarers there because the high content of vitamin C prevented scurvy. Garlic is also high in selenium, which is a natural detoxifier that you shouldn’t be without today. As you can see: onions and garlic are medically recommended. So eat as much of it as your environment tolerates.

“Garlic powder” helps with these complaints

· Cold

· High blood pressure

· High cholesterol (LDL cholesterol)

· Type 2 diabetes mellitus

· Dementia

· Thrombosis

· Stroke

· Rheumatism

· Obesity

· Stomach ulcers

· Wounds

· Fungal infection

· Diarrhea

Garlic as a blood thinner

The ingredient adenosine prevents blood platelets from sticking together and clumping together. This will prevent a blood clot. It is not for nothing that garlic is touted as a natural blood thinner.

Enjoying garlic will extend your life

Pill or toe? This is the crucial question that garlic is all about. Pills are odorless, but are they as beneficial to your health as the natural ones? After all, garlic is a plant that can be a real fountain of youth for you. The healthy tuber proved to be a real life extender in China and so the dehydrated garlic powder is popular among the buyers. Most of the garlic farmers live in Shandong Province and this is where most of the garlic is eaten. Research has shown that people live longer here than in other provinces in China and that this is clearly due to the garlic.

The ingredients are “to blame” for this. They protect the heart and circulation and have a preventive effect against serious diseases. Of course, you don’t have to eat as much garlic as the garlic farmers in China do. We recommend 2 to 3 grams of garlic daily (alternatively, this corresponds to around 600 mg of garlic powder) combined with olive oil, fish or citrus fruits. These also contain protective factors for the heart and circulation. Together with the garlic, they have a particularly positive effect. The anti-inflammatory effect can also be used externally: Place garlic slices on the affected skin area for at least 30 minutes twice a day

Where can I buy garlic powder and onion powder

Valuable ingredients

Vitamins A and C protect your cells from attack by free radicals and thus from damage to your genetic make-up.

Selenium helps flush harmful heavy metals out of your body. At the same time, selenium protects against the oxidation of cholesterol.

Adenosine is considered a natural blood thinner from the garlic clove. How to prevent blood clots without medication.

When you cut open a clove of garlic, the ingredient Alliin turns into Allicin. This is considered a natural antibiotic. It kills bacteria, similar to penicillin. In addition, it acts as a protection against cancer.

Steroids, triterpenoids, phenol derivatives, fructans and lectins are just a few of the sulfur compounds in garlic. They have an antibacterial effect in the body.

Garlic makes your defenses fit

According to current knowledge, garlic reduces the risk of cancer by rendering cancer-causing substances harmless. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the cholesterol level by lowering the unfavorable LDL level in the blood and preventing deposits in the blood vessels.

Garlic helps digestion and may also prevent colon cancer. Stomach cancer is less common in countries where garlic is richly seasoned. This is said to be due to its sulfur compounds, which render nitrosamines harmless.

Garlic is also said to do well as a blood thinner, lower blood sugar levels, stimulate heart activity, relieve toothache and kill stress symptoms. The healthy tuber works against fungal infections and stimulates the healing of lung diseases.

Help after a heart attack

Garlic is not only recommended for disease prevention. Indian researchers and black garlic powder buyers in India found that garlic is also beneficial after a heart attack. The antioxidants found in garlic trap free radicals in the blood. They enable the heart cells to heal faster and better.

Antibacterial effect

During the First World War, garlic was used to treat typhus and dysentery. Nowadays, scientists have discovered that garlic appears to block certain enzymes that make it easier for infectious agents to survive in the body.

Protection against inflammation

You can also take advantage of the anti-inflammatory effect on injuries: place garlic slices on a wound for at least 30 minutes twice a day; this supports wound healing.

Garlic as a weight loss remedy

Cholesterol-lowering and appetite suppressants

Regular consumption of garlic will also help you with high LDL cholesterol levels. Allicin also blocks cholesterol synthesis enzymes. The sulfides also lower the triglyceride level in the blood. And low blood lipid levels prevent arteriosclerosis and thus protect against sequelae such as thrombosis or a stroke . Incidentally, garlic also helps you lose weight: In the brain, it stimulates your feeling of fullness and thus acts as an appetite suppressant.

Cough suppressant garlic juice

Chop 5 cloves of garlic very finely and mix them with 5 teaspoons of all-natural honey. Pour 250 ml of warm water over the mixture and let the mixture stand for 10 minutes before straining. If you have a dry cough, drink a small sip of the water that you should prepare fresh every day throughout the day.

Garlic tincture for atherosclerosis

Peel the cloves of 4 bulbs of garlic and chop them into fine pieces. Pour double grain over the finely chopped garlic until it is well covered with alcohol. Let the approach soak in a warm place for 3 weeks, then filter it through a cheesecloth. Press the garlic pieces vigorously.

Take 20 drops of this tincture once a day for 4 weeks in a shot glass full of water.

Tricks on how to enjoy garlic to the full

Don’t swallow a whole toe at a time. Rather, you should chop it very small. It’s even better if you mash it. This releases the healthy ingredients particularly well. Add this chopped garlic raw over your salad and you’ve got a real health bomb.

If it is cooked, you can also leave the toes whole. Advantage: The tuber loses its heat, becomes mild and very aromatic and yet the garlic retains its effect.

The downside to a garlic-rich meal is the smell you give off afterwards. Try it like this: drink a glass of milk or chew cloves, cardamom or coffee beans after enjoying the garlic. Parsley, which you nibble after such a dish, can also dispel the smell.

If you want to protect other people from your vapors, then you should boil the clove of garlic with whole milk for about 30 seconds before consumption. Preparations with spinach or peas and lentils also have an “odor suppressant” effect.

In addition to its smell, garlic has another major disadvantage: its ingredients break down very quickly. As a result, it does not have a long shelf life and garlic preparations do not have a very long life.

In general, garlic can be a fountain of youth for you, but it is not a panacea. It’s best preventive, so start adding it to your diet today. In this way you will continue to protect yourself effectively against cardiovascular diseases in the future.

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