How Clothing Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers earn more with B2B and E-commerce platforms

Business to business, online trading uses the online platforms and websites to buy and sell products from the wholesalers and suppliers through the digital means. You can have access to colossal network of potential business partners using these e-commerce platforms.

So if you are a retailer and not yet fully satisfied with your supply network, then these are the platforms where you can find and connect with a great network of clothing buyers and suppliers and distributors that best fulfill your business requirement. Well not only this if you are looking to diversify your product range, these are the real marketplaces you can build a brand and earn more than expectations

Taking help from the online wholesale e-commerce platforms, you can easily find bulk wholesale clothing distributors with lesser risks and greater opportunity to come by.

With millions of buyers and seller network you can leverage the opportunity to get the highest quality products AI support, a great marketing platform and long term business partnership with maximized profits

What are the top 10 benefits of B2B in wholesale?

• The E-commerce marketplaces have reach over more than 100s of regions and are not limited to local markets and thus you have a greater number of customers

• Multi-channel sales, massive buyers and sellers;

• Building your brand across the international market is faster yet easy

• Credit system and user-sponsored credit evaluation system;

• Automatic storage of transaction records and hence you have no hassle and process information for quick lead generation and information management;

• Better cost management and reduced operational costs

• Easily Assess potential competitors and have a huge market insight;

• Eliminate unnecessary expenses and make B2B more economical;

• Communicate in Real-time, negotiate and transact

  • 24/7 accessibility service;

Top ten B2B platforms in 2020


Alibaba is the gigantic china based platform with millions of users and hosts all categories of business. it has a greater variety of products that are ever-ready to reach your door step, not only this it gives you the opportunity for free signup and get numerous quotes to find the right men’s wholesale clothing distributors. Usability is the key indicator and the B2B platform supports easy startup and several payment methods

2. Amazon B2B

Amazon is business network is exclusively for B2B transaction among wholesalers and retailers. Here you also can sign up for free and compare offers from different suppliers to get exactly what you need. Moreover you can have multiple user accounts and pay with different mediums.

3. eWorldTrade

Is one of the fastest growing B2B network. It’s the leading marketplace for wholesale bulk clothing distributors, suppliers and buyers. The portal has been operating for more than a decade in the E-commerce and has earned an unbeatable reputation in the B2B market globally with its unique strategies to get connected with potential clothing suppliers and buyers on a single platform. With the unprecedented network as eWorldtrade you don’t need to worry forhow to find wholesale clothing buyer”. The marketplace is made on the clear cut searching filters that help users to find the desired products and the business partners without any difficulty. Not only had this you can get valuable suggestions from the AI integrated chatbots. eWorldTrade has always given their customer a priority that brings the finest and unmatched customer service that ensures satisfactory solution to any query

4. IndiaMart

This platform provides both the B2B and B2C service. Focusing on the Indian market, India mart is considered to be the best wholesale e-commerce platform with 3 million supplier.

5. Made in China

Another wholesale bulk boy clothing suppliers that has been started in China, Made in China is quite popular, particularly for electronics. Several of the products on this platform are started either in China or Taiwan

6. Global Sources

The e-commerce business based in Hong Kong is among the oldest yet fastest growing platforms all across the world. With the unbeatable B2B sales strategy, it connects wholesalers and retailers face to face creating a productive environment

7. DHGate

The China based platform DH gate has its head of operation in Beijing and branches in USA, Middle East and Asia. Having more than 1.2 million Chinese men’s wholesale clothing distributors, buyers and suppliers the 200 countries, the distribution platform facilitates the wholesale traders as well as the small businesses

8. X-cart

The Cart is another great wholesale bulk clothing supplier’s platforms that allows multiple boy clothing vendors sell their products easily. Not only has this had the X-cart claimed to be 66% more effective than the platforms available.


As the name suggests not that platform that only promotes auction, the B2B and B2C trade are pretty much active. Every set of eBay has completed the wholesale children’s clothing distributors from USA and China where you can sell information and eBay holds a colossal purchase record. The website is not considered to be less as compared to the other fastest growing B2B platforms with the eBay unique navigation system you can connect with 25 different countries


The platform is another big network facilitating the small and medium enterprise, wholesale urban clothing distributor’s channel. The platform is buyer focused and that is the major attraction to many of the business looking for their long term business partners. These users can create ads with the requirements and ask for the quotations from the sellers. Hence many small medium suppliers such as food processing companies’, clothing stores, fashion brands, bakeries and restaurants are quite active on this platform

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