How to choose and wear your face mask

Choice of model, manipulation and positioning on the face: a short practical guide with the WHO for every face mask buyer

The choice of model

For the general public, the surgical mask is the one that best fulfills its mission. “It is important that it be approved,” nevertheless recalls Catherine Poirier. As for the FFP2 mask (the duckbill mask), it is intended for specific medical procedures, which is why it is not essential to obtain it to move around in public spaces.

And the fabric model? It is less filtering, but it protects on condition that certain principles are respected Starting with the choice of the raw material: “The cotton must be fairly tight specifies the specialist. Indicators? We must not be able to see daylight through it and we must not be able to blow the flame of a lighter through the mask. To cloth mask wearers or face mask buyers from Sri Lanka Italy and Dubai, USA and Europe and worldwide there is , another recommendation: It must be in one piece, therefore seamless, and must have a double or even triple thickness. Make sure that the mask is waterproof on the sides, which is why it is important to have an elastic band that corresponds to the morphology of each person. In the end, the mask must be well placed on the face and must cover the nose and mouth,

Disinfected hands

Before positioning the mask on the face, it is a question of ensuring that the hands have been properly disinfected with a hydro alcoholic solution or washed with soap and water. The gesture must be repeated after putting the mask on the face,

Handle the mask

Only touch the rubber bands: this is the command of health professionals. For the surgical face mask buyers, it is nevertheless a question of adjusting the bar on the nose so that the mask adheres to the face, then to lower it to the bottom of the chin. It is then that we disinfect our hands again. Masks are thrown away after use. “You don’t put your mask in your pocket or in a handbag to reuse it,”. If it is absolutely necessary to transport it, it can be placed in a zipped freezer bag.

Position on the face

It should be positioned so as to cover the entire ENT region, namely from the top of the nose to the bottom of the chin. “For homemade masks, the top strap should go over the ears; the lower one should go around the back of the neck. There should be no opening on the sides. “A mask is worn for a maximum of eight hours, according to federal recommendations. After use, we do not throw it anywhere, but we dispose of it “immediately in a closed bin”, says the WHO.

Wash and dry the fabric one

For the reusable cotton versions, “it is advisable to wash it at 60 degrees and dry it very quickly in the dryer or using a hair dryer”, explains the specialist nurse. It delivers an additional element: the steam of the iron sterilizes effectively.

FFP2 mask, KN95 mask or surgical mask: which one to choose?

FFP2 mask, surgical mask: which one to choose?

Each year, well-known viruses invade homes. In the face of epidemics, many people choose to wear a protective mask. Surgical mask, FFP2 mask Depending on your situation with the disease, it is important to choose the right mask. Because it will be a question of protecting others… or yourself!

If you are ill or in doubt, wear a surgical mask

We recommend, in the case of a declared illness, the wearing of a simple surgical mask, similar to that used by doctors and surgeons. The utility of this mask is simply to avoid the projections of bacteria by salivary or respiratory route. You can thus protect those around you from possible contamination.

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If you want to prevent contamination, wear an FFP2 or KN95 mask

An FFP2 mask is designed to filter the air and thus prevent inhalation of viruses. Complying with European standards EN149: 2001, FFP2 masks filter 94% of particles present in the air at least. They are recognized in particular by the presence of a blue or white elastic. This type of mask is particularly recommended for healthcare professionals and 3 ply mask buyers in direct contact with patients.

How to use an FFP2 mask?

The use of FFP2 masks must be subject to certain precautions to be effective. It is therefore advisable to replace the mask after 4 to 8 hours and to ensure that it adheres correctly to the wings of the nose when it is worn, in order to create a sealed breathing space. These masks must be discarded after use and cannot be used several times in a row.

The KN95 mask, an alternative to the FFP2 mask?

Faced with the shortage of FFP2 masks, we sometimes find an alternative: the KN95 mask. But what does this name correspond to? Respirator masks are classified according to standards and not all countries use the same. Thus, if in Europe the FFP2 mask is the standard, in the USA the N95 standard is used. The KN95 mask buyers in India claim the standard corresponds to the Chinese standard, the country which currently manufactures the largest number of masks for the whole world. This is why we find KN95 masks in our stores.

So is the KN95 mask as effective as an FFP2 mask?

Yes, because the KN95 mask has a higher filtration capacity than the FFP2 mask: 95% of the particles filtered for the KN95 against 94% for the FFP2. The KN95 mask can therefore constitute effective protection against the spread of covid-19.

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The right actions to adopt to avoid contamination by a virus

Hygiene and common sense recommendations, regularly recalled by health authorities, apply in the event of an epidemic. They allow you both to protect yourself against viruses, but also to avoid, if you yourself have the disease, transmitting your disease to those around you. Both sick and healthy people are therefore concerned when it comes to containing an epidemic.

Wash your hands: easy to apply, this gesture must follow any contact with a sick person, but also any passage in a public place. If you are not sure you have access to a water point, be prepared: a bottle of hand sanitizer gel will help you keep your hands clean in all circumstances.

Avoid proximity to sick people: it is of course not a question of treating your loved ones with plague, but of keeping your distance. No more hugs and kisses, for a while anyway. Vulnerable people, such as children, pregnant women or the elderly, should be particularly careful to avoid close contact.

Avoid sharing “at risk” items: this advice falls into the “no contact” category! Avoid sharing your glass, cutlery, lipstick, or scarves with a sick person.

Clean the contact surfaces: door handles, faucets, computer keyboards, remote control… All these innocent-looking objects are nevertheless nests for pathogens. Make sure to clean them regularly with a disinfectant solution!

Ventilate your interior: do you think you are protecting yourself from viruses by confining yourself to a closed room? Nay! On the contrary, viruses proliferate all the more easily in confined spaces. Be sure to renew the air in your rooms, at least 10 to 15 minutes per day.

Wearing an FFP2 mask: this method may seem extreme, but it is nevertheless a known solution to slow the spread of a virus. The FFP2 filter air and thus prevent that viruses invest your airways, preferred entrances doors diseases.

Hydro alcoholic gel epidemic virus

You are sick? You also have your role to play in the event of an epidemic

People already infected with a virus should also take care to adopt a few essential reflexes:

The hand cleaning with should be performed after using the toilet, but after sneezing, blowing your nose … And of course after going outside.

If covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing is also essential: there is nothing easier for a virus to disperse in the air during a sneeze. Prefer to cover yourself with the bend of the elbow rather than with the hand. The bend of the elbow is indeed less likely to come into contact with objects (or humans) afterwards.

Don’t leave your used handkerchiefs lying around : tissues filled with infected mucus are the vessels of choice for viruses! So be sure to dispose of it immediately, in a closed bin. Then… Wash your hands!

Wearing a surgical mask : it is not for nothing that health professionals wear masks in front of patients, or in the operating room. They thus avoid spraying a wound or an already weakened person with their germs. If you are sick, adopt the “ mask attitude” without hesitation!

Are you facing an epidemic?

Do not panic ! The epidemics are mostly short. By adopting the right actions, by thinking about protecting yourself and your loved ones, you will reduce the chances of infection. At the first signs of illness , however, be sure to consult your doctor promptly ; he will guide you to the treatment best suited to your pathology.

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