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Latex gloves are still very popular disposable gloves. While powdered latex gloves were used almost exclusively in the past, today non-powdered Nitrile gloves are used almost exclusively. In the following, we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of powdered latex gloves and the alternatives.

Benefits of powdered disposable gloves

Until around 20 years ago, powdered latex gloves were predominantly used. Latex gloves were very popular because of their tear resistance and elasticity. As a rule, doctors, nurses and carters used powdered latex gloves, as these are easy to put on and take off — even with damp, sweaty or even wet hands.

Disadvantages of powdered latex gloves

For health reasons, however, powder-free latex gloves are almost exclusively used today. In the 1990s it was recognized that powdered latex gloves were harmful to the health of nurses and patients. Wearing latex gloves can lead to a latex allergy. Powdered latex gloves contain a particularly large number of latex proteins. The powder transfers the proteins to the human skin.

When you take off powdered latex gloves, the latex proteins are swirled into the air in powder form, they are inhaled and thus lead to irritation of the mucous membranes. When using powdered latex gloves, a latex allergy occurs significantly more often than when wearing powder-free latex gloves, since not only does the skin come into contact with the latex gloves, but also the mucous membranes.

Alternatives to powdered latex gloves

Even if powdered latex gloves are banned in some work areas today, many people do not want to forego the advantages of these disposable gloves. Therefore, in the course of time, alternatives to powdered latex gloves have been developed which are easy to put on and take off and do not impair the health of the wearer.

A popular alternative to powdered latex gloves are polymer-coated latex gloves. The polymer coating inside the glove prevents the latex from coming into direct contact with the skin. Thus, when wearing polymer-coated latex gloves, you come into contact with significantly fewer latex proteins than when wearing conventional latex gloves without a polymer coating.

The polymer coating is smooth and makes it easier to put on and take off the disposable gloves. Polymer-coated latex gloves combine the advantages of powdered and powder-free latex gloves: They are easy to put on and take off and at the same time are relatively skin-friendly.

Another alternative to powdered latex gloves are vinyl and Nitrile gloves, which, like latex gloves, are available in powdered and unpowdered form and holds a great market share worldwide, many Nitrile glove buyers come from USA, UK and Germany

Nitrile gloves — powdered vs. unpowered

Powdering also has disadvantages with Nitrile gloves. It cannot cause allergies, but it dries out the skin. It can also stain clothing if the powder is thrown into the air when removing the powdered Nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves are inherently extremely smooth. This makes them easy to put on and take off, even without powdering. International buyers of Nitrile gloves always prefer Powder-free Nitrile gloves are also a good alternative to powdered latex gloves.

Powdered vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves are also available in powdered form. But just like with nitrile gloves, powdering is not really necessary here either. Since powder-free vinyl gloves are also easy to put on and take off, powdering is not required. Compared to the powder-free version, powdered vinyl gloves have the disadvantage that they dry out the hands. In addition, powder is blown into the air when the gloves are removed, which can contaminate clothing and irritate the mucous membranes.

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Powdered disposable gloves in the food industry

The use of powdered disposable gloves is strictly prohibited in the food industry. As mentioned in the previous sections, when you remove the disposable gloves, the powder is swirled into the air. This can contaminate food. In addition, you should not use vinyl gloves when handling food, as plasticizers can be detached from them if they come into contact with fats. Due to their excellent resistance to fats and oils, we recommend the use of Nitrile gloves for direct contact with food.

Conclusion: Should powdered disposable gloves be used? Where can I buy black nitrile gloves from?

While the use of powdered latex gloves is even prohibited in the medical sector, we do not recommend wearing powdered latex gloves for private use or in other professional areas. Because this would promote asthma, eczema and other irritation of the mucous membranes as well as the drying of the hands.

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Those who work with their hands should also protect them. That is why it is recommended, if not mandatory, in many professional groups to wear work gloves. These are made from many different materials. One of the most common is nitrile.

Looking for Nitrile work gloves

Nitrile is a chemical compound made up of carbon and triple bonded nitrogen. This is the starting material for the so-called Nitrile rubber, from which many work gloves, especially thin disposable gloves, are made. However, there are also more stable gloves that are often made of other plastic, have a soft knitted cuff and are only coated with Nitrile in the grip area.

Properties of nitrile gloves

When you think of work gloves, latex is often the first material in mind. Nitrile is comparable to this, but has a few differences. Since it is very elastic and tear-resistant, the wearing comfort is quite similar and the fit is usually good. A nitrile glove has the advantage that it is of course also suitable for people with latex allergies. In addition, this plastic is more resistant to many chemicals and oils. With the permeability of many solvents, however, like latex, it cannot score. The material thickness is very important here.

Criticism of nitrile work gloves

A few years ago, criticism went through the ranks of (mainly) dentists who work almost exclusively with nitrile gloves. It criticized the fact that due to the global economic financial crisis the manufacturers of Nitrile work glove s are now often offering much thinner versions. More chemicals are added to these to make them last, which has led to new contact allergies. At that time it was advised that one should rather use the thicker gloves as far as possible.

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Area of application for nitrile gloves … In the food sector

In restaurants, for example, only powder-free gloves are allowed. The gloves must not contain any plasticize-rs, as these are often fat or oil soluble. And of course latex gloves should not be worn because of the latex proteins. Nitrile meets these requirements.

… In the cosmetic field

In cosmetic studios, employees can come into contact with infectious skin diseases, which is why it is very important to wear gloves. Nitrile gloves also protect the skin from disinfectants and cleaning agents, which can often have an irritating effect or even trigger allergies. If you come into contact with acrylates while working, the gloves must be changed immediately.

… In the tattoo studio

Not too far away is the tattoo studio, where wearing gloves is part of the basic hygienic equipment. Incidentally, the nitrile glove impresses with its color: In addition to white, blue and yellow, it is also available in stylish black.

… In the medical field

Disposable Nitrile gloves buyers are probably most associated with hospitals and doctors. Nitrile gloves are very suitable here, as they enable excellent tactile sensitivity and still protect against blood, secretions, pathogens, etc. Gloves are also standard equipment in laboratories or for care activities.

… In the craft and industrial sector

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If it’s not the tight-fitting disposable gloves, Nitrile is also a popular material among craftsmen. The knitted gloves with Nitrile coating in particular combine various advantages: the positive properties of Nitrile, plus the more pleasant ventilation through the uncoated part, so that the wearing comfort is significantly increased. This means that even rough work can be carried out in a wide variety of sectors.

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