Believe it or not, the US is still the land of opportunity. Because when it comes to developing new business ideas with a lot of potential, contemporaries on the other side of the Atlantic are clearly ahead. This is primarily due to historical and cultural reasons.

Compared to Europe, the unconditional belief in one’s own abilities is much stronger in America. The desire for new things is greater and the willingness to take risks higher. It is the typical pioneering spirit that drives business start-ups in the USA.

While in Europe, and especially in Germany, new business ideas are usually met with skepticism from authorities and banks, in America it seems to be the other way around. That is why it is always exciting to deal with new business ideas from the USA. Because many new business ideas — if they are successful in America — are often copied in Europe too.

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From video hairstyle advice to dog rental to automatic dog tracking

Who hasn’t wondered what they would look like if they had this or that hairstyle? In the hairdressing salon there is often not enough time for advice because the customer is under stress. Discussing your own suggestions for hairstyle design with the hairdresser in advance via Skype video conference is an idea that puts an end to quick shots about your own head or the other way around is to get connected with, wholesale hair extensions manufacturers in USA so you can give your customers the best trials with real human hair extensions. While the online advice system has it all, because it can be transferred to many other service sectors.

In Europe, too, projects with similar ambitions are likely to find wide acceptance. Other business ideas, on the other hand, that had an overwhelming response in America, are likely to struggle with ethical concerns in Germany, such as a rental agency for dogs. She wants to help people who love dogs, but are not allowed to keep them in the apartment or have no time for their own dog.

A few regular masters who take turns loving and loving care of the four-legged friend are always better for the dog than a dreary existence in the animal shelter. It is difficult to say when this realization will also prevail with us. The business idea is definitely worth a try for brave founding pioneers in the field of animal love for a while.

On the other hand, a completely different “animal” business idea made in the USA is likely to meet with considerably less resistance in Germany: Dog tracking via GPS is a solution for all those who have already run away from their beloved four-legged friends or who want to prevent this under all circumstances. A text message informs the owner immediately if Bello is moving in an unfamiliar terrain.

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A great idea, especially since the system can also be used to prevent dog theft. However, things are less animal-friendly in a shop that delivers over 6,000 household products free of charge and that is even incredibly cheap. A clever business model makes it possible, which includes promotional and discount coupons and is even 30 percent cheaper than the discounter around the corner.

Renting instead of buying is a megatrend that is beginning to gain acceptance for us too. Children’s toys are ideal for this, because the dear little ones develop so quickly in a certain phase of life that parents can hardly keep up with the rapidly changing interests and needs of their offspring.

The constant purchase of new toys not only litter the children’s room, but also costs a lot of money. The idea of renting out used toys, on the other hand, is an ideal solution that saves money and still allows children to use all kinds of toys. There is now a solution for those who no longer know what to do with used computer games.

By renting used computer games can be not only good money, but also credits with which computer game enthusiasts can borrow the games they do not own themselves from others. This means that new games can be used for free. Business ideas that focus on the human instinct to play can be considerably expanded, as the idea with the mobile video game paradises shows.

Campers and caravans that are fully equipped with video and computer games that can be rented are a hit at every party not only with children and young people, but also with adults. The business idea with the video game mobile is so popular in the USA that it even exists as a franchise model.

A great thing for founders, as they can get started with a business concept that has already established itself on the market with little equity. With the growing flood of computer games and the corresponding demand, it is certainly a very interesting concept for Europe and Germany that is recommended for imitation.

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Business ideas related to physical well-being are very popular. So it is not surprising that many of these ideas are very successful and that new and interesting business concepts on this topic are constantly being developed in the USA.

Whether these are shops with high-quality frozen food for children, where parents with little time to cook can buy healthy and varied dishes for their children that are especially suitable for children, or traditional snacks such as popcorn in unusual flavors. Well-tried and familiar things are always imaginatively developed and marketed in an original way.

Many new trends, which have now also hit Europe fully, are based on business ideas that originate in America. Be it Online marketplaces where offers are brokered as deals between companies and customers or online agencies for the worldwide brokerage of private accommodation. That all sounds serious and reasonable. It is.

Not to mention global trends like social media, which also have their origins in the USA. Not only was the first “Like” button clicked as a “Like it” button, the Twitter communication phenomenon was also invented.

But it is not only well-known trends from the USA that offer potential for Europe, but also largely unknown business ideas from America have what it takes to make a career here, as the following examples show. Schooling and studying cost a lot of money and textbooks are not dime novels. What could be more obvious than selling it for a profit after use?

In America, in any case, the purchase of used textbooks is already well organized — to the benefit of both sides. In the past, this was just as rare as postal services in miniature format. However, since a clever founder discovered the potential and opened the world’s smallest postal service in San Francisco, things have changed. She hit the bull’s eye and was surprised by her own success.

She now has customers all over the world. Not only extraordinary projects have potential for success, but also new business ideas that pick up on current trends. Like the solar handbag. Ideas and projects relating to the topic of solar energy create an unparalleled boom and seem to stop at nothing. The solar handbag equipped with solar cells for charging cell phones and the like is still a prototype. Soon it may already be available everywhere.

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Anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy now has an alternative to the fitness studio: Striptease, the good old art of “undressing” has become socially acceptable as a fitness method and studios are springing up like mushrooms all over America. And that of all things in the USA, which is widely decried as a stronghold of prudishness.

The implementation of this business idea should actually be possible in Europe without any problems, because the fitness boom and enthusiasm for sports know no borders and new fun and martial arts are conquering the world. MMA Mixed Martial Art is such a trend that has now gained a foothold everywhere.

Every new trend and every movement shapes its own styles and outfits, which are essential. Those who are clever enough to recognize this potential and understand how to professionally market the associated equipment and fashion like the shop for MMA can benefit from these trends in the long term. Right from the start.

Comes to mind automatically when looking at business ideas from the US. The spectrum ranges from the one million dollar page to sponsorships for the weather to webcam shopping and it does not seem to be exhausted. What is allowed is what pleases, does not violate morality or laws and, of course, promises business success.

As much as one or the other might face the “American way of life” with ambivalent feelings — the girls and boys from the States just seem to have one thing better: courage to take new and unusual steps.

If successful corporate pioneers in America had followed the assessment of experts at the time, the personal computer would never have been able to make its triumphal march around the world, the Internet would have remained a purely academic matter and a smartphone would be nothing more than a cipher for a particularly handy little telephone.

In the meantime, however, the European start-up scene has caught up and great and promising business ideas are also being born in Germany.

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