Role of cosmetic importers in the multi-million dollar market- Buyers From India, Mumbai, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA, UK, Thailand, Dubai, Delhi, Malaysia & Saudia Arabia

As obvious as the strength of the cosmetic industry is, it surely is persistent to have its stronghold in the times to come. Evidently, the industry of cosmetic which is rather better known as the beauty industry surely has part in the multi-million-dollar market. After extensive market research, it was also found that during economic strife the prominent and rather most popular 10 cosmetic companies continued to lead the global cosmetic market for over decades. For these branded cosmetics you’ll find cosmetic importers all around the globe. Demand for their products have been continuous and driven each time even on the launch of their new products. That certainly plays out their role in the multi-million-dollar market that has kept its substantial place.

There are several complications and precautions a cosmetic importer possible could encounter as it is not as easy as it looks to sustain a multi-million-dollar market. The cosmetic importer must ensure that the product is brought under every compliance to avoid it from getting destroyed or re-exported. Even though it is true that not every cosmetic that is imported is undergone an examination at the time of entry. Even in such a scenario, the cosmetics imported or the product is yet subjected to confine under the legal requirements. Having to take up a large amount of compliance and fulfillment of documentations during cosmetic exportation & importation is the very reason only big players (businessmen) reside in the market.

The 10 major players in the market/ industry of cosmetics are:

1. L'Oreal

2. Unilever

3. Es tee Lauder

4. Proctor and Gamble (P&G)

5. Coty

6. Shiseido

7. Beiersdorf

8. Johnson and Johnson (J&J)

9. Amore Pacific

10. Kao Corporation.

The list has surely made it clear that the role of cosmetic importers is quite strong in the multi-million-dollar market. The products of any of these popular brands mentioned above will be found around the globe as there is a large market for cosmetic importers. Even with their overpriced products, their cosmetic imports are demanded among-st the upper and few middle class as well. Through thorough research, it has been gathered that even during the great recession that took place in the year 2008, the cosmetic industry highlighted that the cosmetic market even then endured well during the recession period. Back then when the consumer trend was price conscious it did not stop the spending for the cosmetic or cosmetic importer to deduce.

Cosmetic importers of beauty products in the market are continuously demanded. As the demand rises for more and more innovative and multi-functional personal care products. Manufactures extensively have presently worked on such products to divert them further even into categorical ranges of organic and inorganic products. Any such product new product when penetrated to the market a whole new range of cosmetic importers rise to avail the good. The consistent demand and the ability for manufacturers to take on such widespread advance and newer products according to the demand of the market that changes so frequently is the reason the cosmetic industry is seen to play a major role in the million-dollar market.

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