The 10 most expensive liquids in the world — Red liquid mercury and Scorpion Venom Buyers Rule the International Market

Water brought us life, oil brought progress and many other liquids even save lives. But which liquid is the most expensive?

10. Human blood

The minimal reserves and high cost of obtaining human blood are responsible for the price.

9. Red Liquid Mercury

Price: approx. 720 euros per liter

Red liquid mercury is the only metal that remains liquid at room temperature is so expensive and hence it is difficult to find the buyers.

8. Gamma Hydroxydbutyric Acid (GHB)

Price: approx. 2,300 euros per liter

This substance also known as Liquid Ecstasy was originally used as a pain reliever. This substance now has a bad reputation for being abused as a drug

7. Black printer ink

Price: approx. 2,400 euros per liter

The printer manufacturers justify the price with high research and development costs, often selling the printer at a loss and making a profit from selling the ink.

6. Insulin

Price: approx. 2,700 euros per liter

This life-saving substance is extremely difficult to obtain.

5. Channel №5

Price: approx. 5,800 euros per liter

Probably the most famous fragrance in the world.

4. Horseshoe crab blood

Price: approx. 13,000 euros per liter

The blue blood from this living fossil contains a protein molecule that acts like its own primitive immune system and allows bacteria to clot.

3. Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)

Price: approx. 27,000 euros per liter

One of the most powerful hallucinogenic drugs in the world. Just one liter could send a million people on a trip.

2. Venom of the King Cobra

Price: approx. € 33,000 per liter

This neurotoxic poison has, among other things, the unique property of restoring nerve signals and is used in the fight against Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.

1. Scorpion venom

Price; Around 8.4 million euros per liter

The protein in this scorpion venom is used, among other things, in the fight against multiple sclerosis, Can stop the growth of cancer cells and it has also been found hence this liquid catches the attention from many scorpion venom buyers from around the world.