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One of the best known chemical elements is mercury. Formerly it was thought that it had been the raw material from which all metallic elements descended. Invariably it has been a cause of fascination, perhaps because it is the only metal that under normal conditions remains in a liquid state. Likewise, it is one of the few that reacts or manages to fuse with another attractive and seductive metal: gold.

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But today, mercury is no longer so favored and its use has been restricted. In fact, international treaties have been made to prevent their use. This is due to scientific findings that establish that exaggerated exposure to gases from this mineral causes dangerous health consequences.

Likewise, its aggregates are considered very toxic substances. Mercury is spontaneously in nature, either in its metallic state, as a mercury salt, or also in organic mercury.

Mercury as mineral

Red Cinnabar Rock

Approximately half of the mercury present in environmental media comes annually from volcanic expulsions, and from different inorganic processes. The other part is brought about by human actions. It is usually detected as Mercury Sulfide (HgS), and Cinnabar Red mercury. And since it’s rare so there are so many red mercury buyers. Very little is found in black cinnabar metal and more strangely in chloride.

Mercury has the property of diluting different metals, among which are gold and silver, creating pastures. It manages to form these amalgams also with minerals such as uranium, sodium, lead and potassium.

Mercury has a silvery color with soft pearly tones while the red mercury also known as the Cinnabar have a great deal of buyers from all over the world

In its solid form it is very soft, and in temperate times or environments the metal does not corrode. However, at long exposures of humid air, it becomes covered with a very thin oxide film. It is contrasted with other metals, because it is not a heat conductor, but it does conduct electricity well.

Uses of mercury

Cinnabar as cosmetic

From ancient times, the Romans used red mercury or Cinnabar as a cosmetic, and the Chinese colored lacquer with red mercury. In the middle Ages it was used as a wax color for the sealing wax with which they sealed the writings for their authentication.

In the same way, the metal mercury is used in the manufacture of electrical parts as a liquid friction mechanism. There are also mercury compounds that are used in tasks such as: Preparation of batteries, antiseptics in pharmacy products, biocides for the control or elimination of microorganisms, in chemical study processes.

As a catalyst, in the manufacture of different chemical substances, in obtaining colors and dyes, disinfectants and explosives. In dentistry, silver amalgams are used for dental cleaning.

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The thermometer

Without doubt one of the most recognized uses of mercury has been in thermometers. It is used in these because the variations in its volume for each degree of temperature, whether high or low, is the same. Which happens because its coefficient of expansion normally remains constant.

Effects on health

Mercury has a high toxicity and you have to be careful with it, since it is found in multiple products or elements that are used in homes, exposing human health.

Thus barometers, fluorescent bulbs, thermometers and others, contain this metallic mineral. In these it is confined, not causing problems, but in cases of spillage or breakage it can be exposed to breathe gases. There are forms of environmental pollution by mercury, one of which is its use in the extraction of gold and silver. These are combined with it and then separated by distillation.

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