Tips to get export orders from the largest wholesale mushroom buying companies from overseas

The raising interest and un-denied importance of mushrooms have given rise to the profiles of edible mushrooms all over the world. Considering the publicizing of commercial harvesting of mushrooms in North America since the year 1990 and the expansion of overseas trade connection in Eastern Europe India and China has aggravated the awareness and health benefit for the edible mushroom among no. of industries and hence there is a significant trade network that is holding a strong place in the developed countries.

Since the growing interest in the mushrooms having incredible medicinal properties has attracted the commercial interests though there has always been a great demand in Asia.

The expansion of commercial harvesting and international trade has led to widespread concerns about over-harvesting and degradation of mushroom and forest resources.

Why mushroom buyers expect a brighter future?

There are several inevitable reasons for the importers to foresee a future that is brighter;

· They maintain healthy forest

· A valuable source of nutrition and income

· They bring along many export opportunities though they are inherently riskier


These opportunities are no more risky since the digital technologies and online marketplaces have conquered the international trading, and e-commerce markets are on the rise these days. There are sometimes unrealistic expectations of the money that can be earned from the export of wild edible oyster mushrooms. Much depends on the cost of labor and access to markets.

This does not mean that business success cannot be sustained, but it does require development, an ability to endure market ups and downs, and the timely delivery of a good quality product. This is why e-commerce platforms and B2B marketplaces, online trading and branding are a better way to market mushrooms but the potential challenges are smaller and more manageable, increasing the chances of success.

Trade: who buys and sells?

Dry oyster mushrooms

Well answering the first question that comes to the mind of an exporter is where to find mushroom buyers;

Following are some of the fastest growing and the best B2B marketplaces that are assisting thousands of individuals as well businesses all over the world to grow and reach local and international markets

eWorldTrade; is one of the best and a leading B2B e-commerce marketplace. The portal has been operating for more than a decade in e-commerce and has made an unshakable name in the B2B market worldwide with its exceptional strategies to connect potential dry oyster mushroom importers, buyers and sellers together

The marketplace is heartened with clear-cut filters to assist users find the desired products and to reach their preferred collection without any difficulty. Moreover, you can get valued suggestions from their AI-integrated Chabot’s. The customer care of eWorldTrade offers finest and efficient customer care that ensures solution of any sort of query.

DH gate; One of the leading Chinese platforms for goods is DH gate that is connecting the international trade markets with the Chinese wholesale mushroom buyers offering high quality product that can be found anywhere else at lesser prices. Not only this the network is safe and secure to trade with providing buyers protection plan, a secure refund policy and shipment tracking that ensures you fast easy and safe buying experience to businesses all across the world

Globalspec is considered as one of the most professional electronics and industry oriented website in USA. The fastest growing technological B2B marketplace and the major B2B platform in the United States. Its major areas of trade are industrial machinery but it has massive range of food and agricultural products inclusive of the mushrooms. The colossal B2B network connect wholesale mushroom buyers importers and exporters facilitating both the parties with maximum outputs

Alibaba; is the first business of Alibaba Group and is currently the world’s leading cross-border B2B e-commerce platform. It mainly helps domestic companies develop foreign trade wholesale business and open up overseas mushrooms buyers. Alibaba International Station focuses on serving small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. On this platform, dry mushroom buyers and sellers can more effectively find the right counter party online, and complete transactions more quickly and with confidence

EC21 is among the worlds, top B2B trading network. Since it’s very start the platform has more than a million verified suppliers and demand information and more than 3 million products along with importers crossing a number of millions. The buyers’ database holds a rank of 2nd largest global trade network. Product categories include computers, electronic gifts, handicrafts, household and office supplies, medicines, maintenance and environmental business services, vehicles and transportation of food, beverages and agricultural toys, games and sports metals and mineral chemicals.

Global sources; is the multi network B2B marketplace that has its roots from Singapore and since is promoting foreign trade in the greater region of China. The core business is to promote the exports and imports of trade of Asian countries through the chains of several products including agricultural and food products

eBay; is not only an auctioneer platform, the B2B, B2C and C2C transactions are very well active. Every set of eBay is pretty well active. It has a complete wholesale zone where you can sell information and many mushroom buyers in eBay has colossal purchase records. The website is no less than the other gigantic B2B platforms and with the eBay navigation system you can connect to 25 different regions

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