Where to find sugar importers in USA as Sugar is becoming scarce and expensive

Because planned imports were canceled, food sugar is scarce in Europe. Sugar manufacturers and suppliers have now set the amount in sales at four kilos per customer,

Sugar is scarce in Europe. There is one main reason for this. There were no expected imports from overseas last year. However, since the sugar market reform Europe has been dependent on imports of sugar. It had previously been an exporter.

What retailers have to say about Sugar Buyers

The result is higher prices for end consumers and processors. Lidl is currently restricting the sale of sugar to four kilograms per customer, even in shops in the lowlands, due to a special economic situation. “We are currently seeing increased demand for sugar in our branches close to the Polish border,” the company said when asked by our newspaper. Basically, you have a sufficient amount of sugar. “However, we ask our customers to only buy in quantities that are normal for their households, because we focus on ensuring that our customers are supplied, not on activities in third markets.”

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World market and sugar production crisis

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“In Eastern Europe the shortage is even more serious,” says Harald Wetzler, managing director of the Baden-Württemberg sugar beet cultivation association based in Heilbronn. From his point of view, the scarcity is now paradoxically the result of the sugar market reform, which the farmers did not like. In 2006 the cultivation volume in Europe was reduced by 22 percent. At the same time, the guaranteed price, at that time well below the world market price, was reduced by 39.5 percent. In addition to reducing subsidies, the aim at the time was to give the 50 poorest countries in the world access to the European sugar market — with a quota of four million tons of sugar per year. Even then, however, Europe’s growers feared that large sugar producers in Brazil would benefit from this.

In the meantime the market has changed rapidly. Crop failures in Thailand and Australia, production decline in Brazil, where rising gasoline prices made the production of biofuel on the land more attractive. And increasing demand from sugar imports in China. All of this ensured that the 50 countries could sell their sugar in their neighborhood. Because it is missing in Europe, the EU Commission has now allowed 800,000 tons of industrial sugar to be marketed as household sugar.

Record price

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The world market price for sugar at the beginning of the year was 600 euros per ton. Wetzler: “As high as not in 30 years.” There is a lot of speculation in the price, which is currently at 500 euros. The farmers reacted to the proposal from the EU Commission. “The area under cultivation in Baden-Württemberg was increased from 16,000 to 18,000 hectares this year — by around twelve percent,” says Harald Wetzler hopefully. Because producer prices are expected to remain at a high level. A third of the country’s cultivation area is in the region.

Processors have to deal with another development. “Getting sugar is not a problem, but the prices are high and nobody makes long-term contracts anymore,” says Rolf Härdtner, head of the bakery chain of the same name from Neckarsulm. The price is 30 to 35 percent higher. However, there is currently an increase for all raw materials, and sugar is not the most essential in his craft.

Platform instead of product

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The next generation platforms will increasingly form as relay stations and enable the rapid provision of applications, products and services. You will refine the use of new technologies and, for example, provide embedded functions for analysis, AI and automation. The GAFA are already doing this, and this model will set a precedent in other business areas.

An exciting B2B platform project is currently forming in industry with the Open Manufacturing Platform. The alliance is intended to support other manufacturing companies in the scaling of innovations, both through cross-sector collaboration and knowledge and data exchange, as well as through access to new technologies.


The online giant US based sales platform Amazon was established in 1994 and today is the US largest logistic companies, with its wide range of products offering virtual services. With Amazon Marketplace offers entrepreneurs and business professionals the opportunity to Buy, import and sell goods via this ecommerce platform.

What sets Amazon apart!

Amazon sets the tone all over the online marketplaces that hold a strong presence World Wide with Amazon you can reach the most potential sugar buyers in USA. The online marketplace will then automatically take care of the entire shipment for you. However, there are additional shipping and storage fees.


The flea market standing among the online marketplaces, is none other but EBay sale platform that has been originally launched in 1995 as a house for auction for used item and C2C dealer ship. Even today, users are still selling second-hand items on the platform. While, the original selling principle on eBay is selling through auction.

eBay and other platforms!

The sellers or suppliers list their items on the marketplace for a certain tenure, and the buyer who makes the higher bid wins in the end. Since the fixed price offer is good for corporate dealers or elsewhere the sellers set the price for the products they offer. As compared to Amazon the product range is wider you can buy almost anything on eBay.

For small medium enterprises, though the costs that are acquired for the commercial use are of certain interest with four different subscriptions at eBay


The US based fastest growing , comprehensive B2B marketplace eWorldTrade has more than decades of experience in the digital branding and web development. The marketplace currently facilitates more than 500000 registered users and is rapidly expanding its colossal data of manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and importers from worldwide. The platform is intentionally designed and established to help you stay ahead in the fierce business competition offering safe, fast, reliable and authentic means of online trading.

What sets eWorldTrade stand out!

The online Platform is integrated with all new features and advanced functionalities that have never been introduced by any other sales platform. To standout with the aggressive marketing competition and brand development eWorldTrade is the only B2B network that assists millions of traders in showing their global presence

The distinguished B2B network bridges buyers, importers wholesalers and suppliers with effective digital means and services for better brand development. eWorldTrade has redefined the norms of B2B marketing with value added services , AI integration, branding, community and reputation management.


The Alibaba group has many online marketplaces, moreover to Alibaba.com that is a B2B marketplace, and it also has some B2C in its portfolio naming Ali express. Though the consumers can globally shop and all the registered suppliers are from China. Well retailers other than china are not allowed to offer their goods to the sales platform. Though it’s different from the eponymous flagship, where the international dealers can find customers worldwide.

The offer is colossal and diverse, from children’s toys to industrial forklifts you can find everything on the platform. As a supplier you have a huge leeway while creating your own article page. Since the offer is given to the major customers, some details are more prominent here than any other sales platform. The order quantity plays a major role and as a retailer you can hence indicate discounts and minimum quantities for order directly as the header of your page


Japan’s top online B2B marketplace, Rakuten is growing fast and becoming well acknowledged in Germany. The structure of the e-commerce platform from Tokyo is similar to Amazon. Here, visitors can find everything that is needed in diverse categories. Moreover, Rakuten facilitates its users with a few more impeccable online services that is similar to amazon as well.

The Super Points like never before!

Not only this the company also has the streaming services where you can watch as many series you want. Moreover, the customers can avail bonus programs with the super point strategies, that are tied to the platform. For every dollar that you spend on Rakuten there is a Super point that can be used as a voucher to your next purchase.

Listing your articles is as easy as with the other online marketplaces. The retailers can view the products and these variants using the easily understandable mask. Rakuten also provides interfaces that the sales platform can be connected to the external services.


If you are looking for some special products, then they are on Etsy. The online e-commerce platform has specialties in handicrafts and vintage products. Many of the products on offer are unique and are just crafted in very small editions or only on special requests. The Etsy complete its range of variety of arts and crafts with the suppliers and hence fully caters to the target markets: The art loving buyers and sellers looking for a certain gifts. Since some of the sellers on Etsy are not reliable dealers but only want to earn a few dollars with their leisure hobby, Etsy is also linked with the C2C and hence customers can become sellers.

Bonus with Etsy

Unless, recently, the Etsy was less known in Europe, however, the sales platform is now earning more and more fans in this country as well. At the same time, the sugar importers in SriLanka, India and Kenya are increasing. As a retailer, though, you might have any design options when it comes to your own shop and article page. Bonus; Moreover, having a page of your own Etsy Shop, being a retailer, you might have an owner page. Here you can attract potential buyers more about your business

All together

In European sugar production from sugar beet, Icumsa 45 Sugar a distinction is made between quota and industrial sugar. The quota sugar is what goes into food production. Its cultivation is limited. But it is qualitatively equivalent goods. In a sense, it is the beets from the same field that, if the quota is met, can be sold for the production of industrial sugar — at a lower price, but which is currently close to the quota sugar price.

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