Wholesale Saffron Buyers; The incredible use of Saffron in Medical, Cosmetic and Food industry

The most expensive spice in the world is considered to be saffron with a price of 1 pound costing amidst of 500 to 500 US dollars. The reason for the high price for saffron is the labor intensive agricultural and harvesting leading to higher costs of productions.

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Why labor intensive since saffron is harvested from the hands from a unique flower name crocus and the why saffron is given to the thread like structures or stigma. The origin belongs to Greece and is most popular for its medicinal values, people use saffron for enhanced sexual drive, boost mood and enhance memory

Here are 10 incredible health benefits of saffron.

• Saffron is known as the potent antioxidant

• It carries cancer fighting and preventive abilities

• It helps relieve anxiety and depression

• The PMS symptoms can also be prevented by the use of saffron

• Saffron is a strong Aphrodisiacs

• Saffron minimizes appetite and hence you can aid weight loss

• If you are prone to a heart disease saffron may help in reducing risk factors

• Regulates the blood sugar level

• Contain AMD and hence lowers the risk of weak eyesight

• Improves memory in adults with Alzheimer’s disease

Its not new that the low price synthetic saffron spices or saffron threads are flooding the market. to assist you having the best and real high grade saffron, we have compiled for you the top selling saffron brands from all over the globe.

Top saffron selling Brands in 2020

· Lidoma Premium Saffron

· Redsaff 786 Saffron Spice

· Cyrus Saffron Premium Stigma Threads

· Kiva Gourmet Spanish Saffron

· Mazaeus Saffron Premium Grade 1

· Mehr SS005 Premium Saffron

· Slofoodgroup Persian Saffron Threads

· Movalyfe Coupe Spanish Saffron

· Golden Saffron Grade A+ Premium

Saffron Trade; How to find saffron importers and overseas buyers

Since the global saffron buyers’ market produces a great demand of saffron in the food, medicine and cosmetic industry. As per the research the global market size of saffron in 2020 is views as 645.9 million USD and expected to cross 2 billion dollar by the next 5 years.

Undeniably the food, cosmetic and medical industry produce the largest wholesale saffron buyer’s zone. Well the wholesalers and suppliers of saffron shouldn’t be limited to narrow strategies only focusing on the few sale sources and keeping the same strategies. There is always the need for expansion into different channels, experiments with strategies and multi-channel integration

Companies cannot be limited to narrow strategies like focusing on a few lead sources and putting these leads through the same customer funnel. They need to expand into different channels, experiment with different strategies, and explore multi-channel integration.

In this regard the best played role is of e-Commerce industry and B2B marketplaces. Here are the fastest growing B2B network;

Top 8 B2B networks in 2020


The colossal china based marketplace Alibaba has millions of users and it crowds all categories of business. It has unprecedented amount of products with a huge variety that are ready to ship. Not only products the platform gives you an opportunity to sign up for free and register your account to get the saffron buyers. The platform is real user friendly and provides you many opportunities even if you are small business.


The fastest growing e-commerce platform provides many opportunities to the wholesale saffron buyers to connect will wholesalers and suppliers. The magical portal has been into operation since decades and has earned a great reputation among the e-commerce giants with its unprecedented strategies. With the colossal network eWorldTrade you don’t need to worry about your business anymore.

The marketplace is created on the clear-cut filters that assists users look for their desired products and business partners without any hassle. Not only had this you can get valuable suggestions from the AI integrated chatbots. EWorldTrade has always their customer as priority that brings the finest and unmatched customer service that ensures satisfactory solution to any query

Amazon B2B

The Amazon business network is exclusive for the B2B transaction among the buyers, wholesalers and retailers. You can register your account for free and compare offers from multiple suppliers to get the best out of what you need. Additionally you can have several user accounts and can have different payment methods

India Mart

With more than 3 million suppliers India mart is considered as the largest wholesale e-commerce platform in India that offers B2B and B2C services

When it comes to wholesalers and suppliers Made in China is a platform that cannot be left behind. Its quite popular with it wide range of electronics buyers and suppliers. Though saffron is yet a commodity you can easily find in great deals here. Many of the products on this platform either belong to china or Taiwan


The China based platform DH gate has its head of operation in Beijing and branches in USA, Middle East and Asia. Having more than 1.2 million Chinese men’s wholesale saffron distributors, buyers and suppliers the 200 countries, the distribution platform facilitates the wholesale traders as well as the small businesses

Global Sources

The e-commerce business based in Hong Kong is among the most primitive yet the fastest growing platforms all over the world. Having the unmatched B2B sale strategy it gets connected the wholesalers and retailers creating a win-win situation for both


One of the leading B2B platforms founded in 2003. The resourcefulness should be taken by the relevant authorities taking in contemplation in changing demands of business and the global means of digital technology. Having headquarters in China the aim of this project is to facilitate international trade effectively, where business can efficiently interact and communicate. ECVV is the place where businesses can effectively interact and communicate with each other ruling out the fear of scam and misrules the yearly trade turnover projects are 5000 million dollars


ioffer is the online trading website with colossal network of corporate community the website is like the other fastest growing marketplaces such as amazon, eBay provides you a great buyers deal. So as the slogan says ioffer promises a place that is to buy sell and trade. ioffer has gained its reputation of being among the most popular B2B websites claiming to host more than one million users inclusive of 70k plus sellers and buyers as well

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