Why e-Commerce Startups should be more Humanistic towards their Buyers;Some of the best examples of B2B Marketplaces

The chase to grow sometimes, bring you strange journeys and roads. In some situations you get to change your niche or reintroduce yourself. Pertaining to my experience, I had to enter a whole new market conclusively.

Well when you start up for a different niche, you are often get engaged in making a decision to who to sell and where to sell your products. There comes two directions where most business owners have to decide whether it’s business to business B2B or Business to consumer. However, the industries share a different strategies when it comes to the marketing, sales and the product positioning.

Once you enter the B2B market, you have a totally different feeling from that of the B2C all of a sudden you are dealing with a whole new yet targeted markets. Rather than selling someone aggressively, you are focused on selling to certain decision makers, with a to the point list of products that they need for their company.

So the relationship that you make up is quite unusual when you sell with an intention to make ties for long term instead of satisfactory, time being demand fulfilling and well it can be the right decision to make, but not suitable for every business Switching markets was the right decision for me in my case, and the fact supported that we formerly have served the B2C market that turned out to be the best part in our success in B2B.

So in B2B we often hear that we are selling business to business and not to people and this is not appropriate at all. The most important step that you can take to proceed from B2C to B2B is that you are eventually selling to the humans who are the decision makers and not just the company. So instead of counting numbers in your marketing funnel, you must adopt a humanistic approach to the consumers.

An unmatched customer service is a great means to communicate with your customers. however, by offering the customer care agents the freedom to make use of open communication helps them understanding the customers problems free of any specific purpose or worrying for the KPI at the back of the call. The customers also want to be heard and have the opportunities to communicate their needs in comfortable environment, with someone who they can find the part of their success.

Considering all that decision makers and end consumers can become loyal customers of your products and can bring new customers by word of mouth. Brand loyalty is a key factor to growth in many ways than an individual idea.

Always Pay Attention to What your Customers has to say

Most of the times, the businesses take their consumers for granted. Do you think this will work no matter how better experience you give to your consumers. Since you are offering them the services and products that are required, what’s the certainty that they might not leave for the newest and glittering options

Too often we see businesses take their customers for granted. You think they will continue to use your product no matter what changes you make. While you are providing them with the service and product they need, how can you make sure they won’t leave for the newest and shiniest thing?

From the past few years the B2B consumers have turned out to be highly price conscious. The customer business relationships are now more and more transaction based and quiet easy for the consumers to forget your products for a cheaper option with services that are same. How do you get a due with your consumers? However, by listening to your customers and treating them as your business partners, you will have a better understanding of why your product is a solution and how they can find and reach to their ultimate objectives. The best means to do this is to understand their challenges and become proactive in solving them together.

When you create a new brand, you immediately start thinking for what our customers are looking for and what are the potential challenges. One of the first step is to prepare for your buyers persona that brings out the unheard challenges and what kind of buyers we are sharing our products to. Well it comes from a deep research of market and competitors.

So as you research for the competitors and consumer preferences; here is a list of top rated B2B and e-commerce websites, you can have a better competitor analysis with

· Alibaba

· Amazon

· eWorldTrade

· ECPlaza

· EC21

· Made in China

· DHGate

· Global sources

· TradeIndia

· Manta

Designing a product for the end user and not just the corporate decision maker

In many cases when we are designing products, we often repeat the same mistakes, we create the products for the buyers and not the end users. Rather than we need to consider at what the end user interprets and requires and create our products for the pain points.

Not only the tactics lead to distinctive features with several immediate value proposition, however, it also brings out the customers that the products you have designed for ease of use and practicality. So it’s essential to create and design in a means that will be appealing to end users and not only the consumer’s base line

Though initially development of what the design intent of your product needs to be, from the very first we have end consumer experience in thought. We have adjusted the platform for the quick onboarding and a bare layout with astonishingly deep operations behind the interface. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any point when a customer is at loss.


Taking different guidelines that worked well with your B2C and putting them to your B2B products will facilitate you to offer a strategic touch in a niche that isn’t considered for the targeting the humanizing factor. Moreover, making your products as simple as possible and your branding will bring out more B2B leads to understand of what your product is for and why the company need to take step. Standing out in the B2B space is vital and it can be achieved making a mark at all the hierarchy of the consumers’ business

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