Why Scorpion Venom buyers are willing to pay Million Dollars — the most expensive liquid in the world

Many people wonder if scorpion venom really is deadly or if it is just a myth. The answer, beyond varying on the species of scorpion, is that in general it is deadly. In fact, in the last year there were more than a million serious health incidents related to the bite of this animal and of that percentage, approximately 3,000 people died. In most cases, the victims are usually young children and the elderly. The speed with which each particular case is treated and the type of scorpion that made the sting also has an influence.

Scorpion venom: the most lethal

As we have seen, scorpion stings can or cannot be fatal depending on the species. Aspects such as the person’s age, general health and how quickly they are treated must also be taken into consideration. However, beyond this, the stings of the following scorpion species can be deadly even to a healthy young man.

1 fat-tailed scorpion

This scorpion is one of the most dangerous in the world. They measure around four centimetres and their natural habitat is in desert areas. In recent years it has caused numerous deaths in parts of North Africa and the Middle East. The good news is that there is an antidote for this bite, although it must be treated quickly; Even so, there may be long-term sequelae such as headaches, loss of sensation in the extremities and weakness.

2. Golden scorpion

The golden scorpion is also found mainly in desert areas of Africa. It also has one of the most powerful poisons and the sting is extremely painful. Like the fat-tailed scorpion, there is also an antidote to counteract the effects of it. As a curious fact, this scorpion is also known as “stalking death”. The venom of the scorpion

3. Brazilian yellow scorpion

As its name implies, the natural habitat of this scorpion is the giant South American country. Its powerful poison has claimed many victims, especially children under the age of seven. Like the previous scorpions, the sting is very painful causing hypothesize in the affected person.

Scorpion venom can be deadly, but fortunately today there are antidotes to deal with it. Despite this, it is always good to take precautions in places that are the habitat of these small but lethal animals. Have you ever seen a scorpion?

The Scorpion Venom and its incredible medicinal benefits

The scorpions, insects that the family of arachnids we all fear but we know very little. Some living beings that most people dread due to their lethal sting. A poison that is sometimes harmful to human beings but in many others it can even save our lives if applied for curative purposes.

Cancer treatment

Although it is not an officially recognized treatment, scorpion venom is a great help in the fight against cancer. According to some studies carried out at Harvard University, this substance serves to illuminate the malignant cells that make up a tumor and hence most of the buyers of scorpion venom comes up from medical industry. Something essential so that they are not overlooked by a surgeon and can be removed.

Scorpion venom

Made up of chlorotoxin and called ‘ tumor paint ‘, this useful substance is formed from scorpion venom mixed with a fluorescent solution. The way of acting is based on the adhesion of said venom to cancer cells, thus being permanently marked. It should be noted that this entire process still has a lot of development ahead of it, but the first tests are obtaining enormous results.

Pain relief

It has always been said, and with good reason, that a scorpion sting is one of the most painful in the world. What you did not know is that its poison, well applied can relieve pain in a spectacular way. A method that is used by means of the Arizona scorpion and that is used recently for treatment of chronic patients. At the moment the development of this application is on the right track, but it is expected that in the future it may have greater profits for scorpion venom buyers and importers.

Scorpion in its habitat

What is clear is that scorpion venom has become the object of study for a large number of researchers. A substance with many uses that can be found differently in more than 1,700 species of these dangerous, as well as beneficial, arachnids.