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A New Code… for Creating Wikipedia Page Template Word

The platform launched in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger has become the 13th most visited site in the world, with over ten billion monthly views and 55 million articles written by volunteers alone in 300 languages

Wikipedia logo 20 years anniversary

Zero advertising, no cookies to resell user data, only donations, even small ones. Wikipedia was born from a mashup of the Hawaiian word “wiki” (“fast”) and the suffix “-pedia” (from the ancient Greek “training”). Over the years he has taken a stand for internet freedom and issues such as copyright, surveillance and censorship. And it recently put a stop to contributions published before the presidential election.

A new code of ethics — Over the years, however, there have been several disputes. Especially the editing, creating Wikipedia Page Template For Word of his voices and the accusations of sexism. Problems that prompted the Wikimedia Foundation, at the head of Wikipedia, to produce a new code of ethics that should come into effect in the coming months.

A special birthday — To celebrate its second decade of activity, Wikipedia is organizing a virtual birthday party that will involve the Wikipedian community, but also all those who want to support the platform. Europeans are invited to “give” free licensed content to the platform: uploading a photo, inserting a new entry or modifying an existing one.

“Project for a more attentive and educated world” — “The only long-term path to peace, prosperity and freedom is knowledge,” said Wales, asking users to continue supporting the project “for a world more attentive and more educated “.

“I was afraid that others would make it before me” — “I saw the growth of free open source software and it immediately seemed clear that this type of technique could be used to build a free encyclopedia,” continued the founder. “I panicked because I thought it was such an obvious idea that others could have realized it too.” But the “haste” in creating the online encyclopedia immediately paid off. In fact, Wikipedia immediately registered a large following in the United States and subsequently also in other countries, including Italy.

A lasting Oxford for society — “Being a non-profit organization was an incredible asset for the association: we had a simple mission that we really cared about. We weren’t distracted by the pursuit of earnings,” he said. Wales. “We don’t have algorithms. We’ve focused on how to build a lasting institution. You know Oxford? We want to be something like that for society for a long time.”

The challenge in developing countries — After twenty years it is time to look at the upcoming challenges of Wikipedia, according to Wales. “The biggest change, I would say, which is invisible to most people, is the growth of Wikipedia in the languages ​​of developing countries. It is very important that one-two billion people who connect to the Internet want to participate Wikipedia, to contribute their reservoir of knowledge. They will have all our support.

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